First PvP tournament!

First PvP tournament!

March 06, 2024
First PvP tournament!

Dear players!

As we promised earlier, we are announcing the first (test) PvP tournament 1-1.
The tournament will take place on the NEW game world.
Date of the tournament: 03/10/2024 at 18:00 Moscow time.
Character level to participate: 40 - 65.
Tournament location: Sarfan - Circle of Bloody Battle

1st place - 5000 toll + yellow magic stones 10 pcs (to choose from)
2nd place - 4000 toll + yellow magic stones 5 pcs (to choose from)
3rd place - 3000 toll

All participants in the PvP tournament receive a pleasant bonus in the form of candies, namely: Glory Dragon Candies (10 pcs.) for each tournament participant.

To register for the tournament, you need to write in the Discord server in a specially created channel: #pvp-tournament
In your application you must indicate the correct character nickname, level and race in one message.
Application example: Flint, level 50, Asmo or Flint, level 50, Elyos

Rules for the PvP tournament:

1) Each participant must have open information about their equipment. It is PROHIBITED to hide information during the tournament!

2) A replay is carried out in the following cases: “Departures” from the game for less than 5 minutes, or by agreement of both players.

3) Prohibited:

1. Using any DP skills
2. Use AP jars and recovery crystals
3. Soaring, flying
4. Any candy transformation
5. Profanity, insults towards participants and any actions that interfere with the fighting
6. Positive effects from third party players
7. Self-resin stones
8. Double shield for spellcasters and wizards

4) If the participant fails to appear, he receives a technical defeat.

At 03/10/2024 17:40 Moscow time, the GM will move participating players with the specified nicknames (you must be ready at this time and finish all your business), those absent will be removed from the tournament bracket.
It will not be possible to participate after registration closes. Registration will close on March 10, 2024 at 16:00 Moscow time.

A link to the tournament bracket will be published a little later. There will be a random distribution of players in the tournament bracket after registration and information in the discord for all participants are completed.

If you have any questions or any suggestions about the tournament, you can write directly to the GM in Discord at the login: GmTeddy777

P.S: Come participate in the project’s PvP tournament and invite your friends and acquaintances!

Sincerely, Administration of the Aion Remastered project