Aion 3.5 update

Aion 3.5 update

March 17, 2023
Aion 3.5 update

Dear players!

We inform you that the Aion 3.5 update was installed on 03/17/2023 at 18:00 Moscow time.

What's included in the Aion 3.5 update:

1) New time zones have been added to the game:

- Fort Tiamat
- Balaur Lord's Retreat
- Tunnel of betrayal (a bonus, since the dungeon from version 3.6)

2) A new PvP activity has been introduced - the Battle Arena of Glory (the entrance is still standard 20:00 to 22:00 on Saturdays)

2a) The schedule of all Arenas and Arena rewards - will be edited within two weeks.

3) Composite magic stones appeared in the game (with double parameters)

4) The characteristics of the lord protectors in some sieges have been changed

4a) Increased the HP of the Lords at the Sources

5) Content for Coins of Experience will gradually expand

6) In the process of finalization, the "rechagi" system for PvP (will appear within a couple of weeks)

7) Event "Basket of Flowers" - extended until 03/21/2023

8) In the Game Store, you can pick up gifts on the occasion of installing update 3.5 (category: Gifts)

9) In the Game Store, you can now buy new entry scrolls:

Category "Input Scrolls":
- Scroll of Entrance to Fort Tiamat (Cooldown 18h)
- Scroll of Entrance to the Abode of the Balaur Lady (Cooldown 18h)

10) NPC to buy extras

A special NPC has appeared in the capitals to buy extras from the game store (for convenience).
The NPC accepts payment in special coins that can be bought in the Game Store at the rate: 1 Titanium Coin = 1 Toll

Category "SHOP coins":
- [SHOP] Titan Coin - 100 pcs.
- [SHOP] Titan Coin - 200 pcs.
- [SHOP] Titan Coin - 300 pcs.
- [SHOP] Titan Coin - 400 pcs.
- [SHOP] Titan Coin - 500 pcs.
- [SHOP] Titan Coin - 1000 pcs.
- [SHOP] Titan Coin - 2000 pcs.
- [SHOP] Titan Coin - 3000 pcs.
- [SHOP] Titan Coin - 4000 pcs.
- [SHOP] Titan Coin - 5000 pcs.

Come play with us and invite your friends and acquaintances!

Sincerely, Aion Remastered Project Administration