New year update

New year update

December 27, 2022
New year update

Dear players!

In the interval from 09:00 to 11:00 Moscow time, technical work took place on the server.
The following changes have taken place:

1) Carried out standard preventive maintenance

2) Special New Year Rates included:

Gaining Experience Points increased by 50%, i.e. set to x1.5
Abyss Point gain increased by 50%, i.e. set to x1.5
Drop Chance gain increased by 100%, i.e. set to x2

Rates are available from 27.12.2022 11:00 to 10.01.2023 01:00 Moscow time

3) Snowfall Event:

For each hour spent in the game, each player from level 51 to 60 inclusive receives: <Snowflake +1>
A maximum of 5 per day is possible in this way.

Snowflakes also fall in dungeons with a 100% chance (to each in a party), the list of Bosses is as follows:
- Furious Triron
- Lord Runmark
- Legate of Anuhart
- Devotee Anurati
- Grand Blacksmith Devilkarim
- Rudra Storm
- Legate Vasatri
- Araka - Chests
- Ephra's Treasure Chest
- Cursed Yurdin
- Chief Cuthol
- Watcher Tually
- Temporary Assistant Cadell
- Fletus Treasure Chest
- Sorcerer Jatra

Eye of Tiamaranta:
With some chance snowflakes fall from
- Defense Legion Drakan Raider Captain - Plump

The event is available from 27.12.2022 11:00 to 10.01.2023 01:00 Moscow time.

4) Magic Snowflakes:

Snowflakes can sharpen with some chance, +1, +2, +3..... +10. To do this, just click on it. The higher the level of sharpening, the greater the chance that something tasty will fall out of it.

What magical Snowflakes can bring you if you succeed or fail to sharpen them:
+1 to +5 on failure:
<[Event] Sweet Lollipop>

+6 to +7 on failure:
<[Event] Pouch of Chance> - contains:
1-3 pcs <Mark of Karuna>
1 pc <[Event] Commemorative Christmas Socks Box with Candies>

+8 on failure:
<[Event] Bad Chance Bag> - contains:
One item from:
<Mark of Karuna> (3-5pcs)
<[Event] Defense Legion Treasure Chest Key Box>

1pc <[Event] Commemorative Christmas Socks Box with Candy>

+9 on failure:
<[Event] Glowing Bag of Chance> - contains:
One item from:
<Mark of Karuna> (7-15pcs)
<[Event] Protection Legion Treasure Box Key Box>
<[Event] Legendary Divine Stone Pouch>

1pc <[Event] Commemorative Christmas Socks Box with Candy>

+10 contains:
One item from:
<Mithril Medal>
<Platinum medal> - 3pcs
<Priceless Ancient Crown>
<Sign of Karuna> - 50pcs
<Mag. stone: Attack +5> - 5pcs
<Mag. stone: F. crit. hit +17> - 5pcs
<Mag. Stone: Mag. protection +14> - 5pcs
<Mag. stone: HP +95> - 5pcs
<Mag. stone: Power of magic +27> - 5pcs
<Mag. Stone: Magic Accuracy +14> - 5pcs
<Magic Stone (Lv. 90)>
<Magic Stone (Level 100)>
<Magic Stone (Level 110)>
<Magic Stone (Level 120)>
<Protection Squad Treasure Crate Key>
<Protection Squad Treasure Box Key>
<Protection Team Treasure Chest Key>
<Tatra Sword Box>
<Tatra Warhammer Crate>
<Tatra Dagger Box>
<Tatra Orb Box>
<Tatra Grimoire Crate>
<Tatra Two-Handed Sword Box>
<Crate of Tatra Spear>
<Tatra Staff Crate>
<Tatra Longbow Crate>

The event is available from 27.12.2022 11:00 to 10.01.2023 01:00 Moscow time.

5) Christmas Premium Boxes

A small New Year's update of Premium Boxes for 15 and 30 days.

The mount pet changes to:
<Soaring Snowboard (15 Days)> or <Flying Snowboard (30 Days)>

And as a bonus drops out:
15 or 30 Snowflakes.

In the New Year's composition, premium boxes are available until 01/10/2023 01:00 Moscow time.

6) New skins have been added to the Game Store:

<Romantic Striped Suit>
<Enchanted Demon Costume>
<Costume of the Legion>
<Wonderland Costume>
<Nice Noble Robe>
<Lovely Bunny Robe>
<Monk's Vestments>

You can find new items in the "Appearance (Outfits)" section.

7) Updated game client:

You can update the game client using the updater (AionRemasteredUpdater32.exe or AionRemasteredUpdater64.exe)

If for some reason the updater does not work for you, then you can (optionally):
1. Check that the folder with the game is in the exceptions of the antivirus (windows defender), then restart the PC (if it was included in the exceptions) and try to run the updater from the Administrator
2. Download the game client (links have been updated on the site) (if you haven’t figured out how to launch the updater)

We remind you that the recommended way to launch the game through the launcher is AionRemastered32.cmd (for 32-bit version) or AionRemastered64.cmd (for 64-bit version)
But if it is more convenient for you to run through the updater, then you can run it through the updater (AionRemasteredUpdater32.exe or AionRemasteredUpdater64.exe)

If you have any difficulties with entering the game, or with launching the game, then write in Discord to the login AionRemastered#4654

P.S: The server administration congratulates all players on the New Year holidays!
And also says Thank you to everyone who supports our project and allows us to work and develop.

Sincerely, Aion Remastered Project Administration