Update from 23-03-2023

Update from 23-03-2023

March 23, 2023
Update from 23-03-2023

Dear players!

In the interval from 01:00 to 03:00 Moscow time, technical work took place on the server.
The following changes have taken place:

1) Fixed magic damage on the Event Chest in the Dredikons

2) Included in the test mode daily decommissioning of OS - starting from Officer 5th rank

3) Rewards for online in the game have been edited (levels 50-60)

1 hour = EXP Extractor 3pcs
2h. = Platinum medal 3pcs
3h. = Priceless Ancient Seal
4h. = Mithril medal
5h. = <[Event] Magic Pouch stones>
Content: Randomly one of the positions
- <Personality of Wrath>
- <Crazed Anger Personality>
- <Personality of Blinding Fury>
- <Mag. Stone: Attack +5>
- <Mag. stone: F. crit. hit +17>
- <Mag. Stone: Mag. defense +14>
- <Mag. stone: HP +95>
- <Mag. stone: Power of magic +27>
- <Mag. gem: Magic Accuracy +14>
- <[Event] Bag of Holes> (Enchantment 95-100)
- <Pouch of Composite Mag. stones>

4) Until 04/20/2023 x2 rates for Experience are valid

5) Event "Monster Treasures" is enabled

With a certain chance with rb in the following dungeons, you can get one position from the list (per roll):

<Priceless Ancient Crown>
<Mark of Karuna> 40
<Platinum Medal> 3
<Mithril Medal>
<[Event] Radiant Idian (Physical Attack)>
<[Event] Radiant Idian (Mag. Attack)>
<[Event] Radiant Idian (Magic Defense)>
<[Event] Full Sack> (Enchantment 105-120)
<Mag. Stone: Attack +5 > 3
<Mag. stone: F. crit. hit +17> 3
<Mag. Stone: Mag. defense +14> 3
<Mag. stone: HP +95> 3
<Mag. stone: Power of magic +27> 3
<Mag. gem: Magic Accuracy +14> 3
Composite stones 50-60ur:
<Protection Squad Treasure Crate Key>
<Protection Squad Treasure Box Key>
<Protection Team Treasure Chest Key>
"The chance is really GOD level"
<Mage Catalyst stones - 100% (unique)>
<Mage Catalyst stones - 100% (hero)>
<Mage Catalyst stones - 100% (mythic)>

- Abandoned Temple of Udas
- Udas Temple Dungeon
- Phasumandir Temple
- Base Rentas
- Araka
- Les Rattis
- Residence Dorkel
- Fort Tiamat (all RB)
- Balaur Queen's Abode

Also, with a small chance, these rewards can drop from the Captains of the garrisons (plump) - in the Eye of Tiamaranta.

6) The legion costume is available for purchase in the Legion Shop

7) For coins of the Titans - added to the NPC - the following appearances:

- Fashion Shark Costume
- Real snake costume
- Charming Daeva Costume
- Spiked Outfit
- Casual suit

8) Fortress Sieges

Since we're currently working on a couple of new (small) siege-related things, the decision has been made this week not to drop strongholds.
But for the purposes of certain tests (during sieges, completely randomly without warning, next to the Lord may appear (or may not appear) a Special Lord of the Dredikon, who must be killed.
It has an increased content of Abyss Points and a little bit of Glory Points. May also appear during the siege of the Origins.
If the tests are positive, it will remain on a permanent basis with certain additions.

9) Houses are up for auction

10) Updated game client:

You can update the game client using the updater (AionRemasteredUpdater32.exe or AionRemasteredUpdater64.exe)

If for some reason the updater does not work for you, then you can (optionally):
1. Check that the folder with the game is in the exceptions of the antivirus (windows defender), then restart the PC (if it was included in the exceptions) and try to run the updater from the Administrator
2. Download the game client (links have been updated on the site) (if you haven’t figured out how to launch the updater)
3. Or install the patch manually: https://files.aion-remastered.com/AionRemasteredE... (in this case, download the archive and unpack it to the root of the game client with file replacement) (alternative method)

We remind you that the recommended way to launch the game through the launcher is AionRemastered32.cmd (for 32-bit version) or AionRemastered64.cmd (for 64-bit version)
But if it is more convenient for you to run through the updater, then you can run it through the updater (AionRemasteredUpdater32.exe or AionRemasteredUpdater64.exe)

If you have any difficulties with entering the game, or with launching the game, then write in Discord to the login AionRemastered#4654

Sincerely, Aion Remastered Server Administration