Aion 3.9 update

Aion 3.9 update

September 04, 2023
Aion 3.9 update

Dear players!

We would like to inform you that on 09/04/2023 at 11:30 Moscow time, the Aion update /3.9/ was installed.

What's included in the Aion 3.9 update:

1) Level cap increased to 65

2) New equipment will be added over time

3) New dungeons will also be added over time

4) New time zones have been added to the game:

- Fort Tkisas
- Fort Crotan
- Fort Ramiren

5) HP of Lords in fortresses has been corrected

6) The schedule of all Arenas and Battlegrounds, as well as awards - will be edited within two weeks

7) Locations remain within version 3

8) Content for Coins of Experience will gradually expand

Come play with us and invite your friends and acquaintances!

Sincerely, Aion Remastered Project Administration