Update from 29-03-2023

Update from 29-03-2023

March 29, 2023
Update from 29-03-2023

Dear players!

In the interval from 02:00 to 03:00 Moscow time, technical work took place on the server.
The following changes have taken place:

Changes after prevention (29.03.2023)

1) HP of the Lord and summoning mobs on the Siege of the EYE - reduced

2) The Spring Rockfall event has been launched (from 03/29/2023 to 04/05/2023 preliminary)

2a) Characters from level 50 to 60 for each hour spent in the game receive the following rewards:

- <Mark of Karuna> 15pcs
- <Platinum medal> 1pc
- <Coin of experience> 1pc
- <Priceless Ancient Crown> 1pc
- <[Event] Magic Pouch stones > 1pc

Content: Randomly one of the positions (crafting stones next week, if the event continues, they will change)
- <Weapon Stone VII> 20pcs
- <Apprentice Weapon Stone VII> 15pcs
- <Master Weapon Stone VII> 10pcs
- <Expert Weapon Stone VII> 5pcs
- <Mag. Stone: Attack +5>
- <Mag. stone: F. crit. hit +17>
- <Mag. Stone: Mag. defense +14>
- <Mag. stone: HP +95>
- <Mag. stone: Power of magic +27>
- <Mag. gem: Magic Accuracy +14>

2b) Siege boxes - with some chance it can fall:

- <Pouch of Composite Mag. stones>

2c) Of all the RBs in Fort Tiamat, also Legate Vasatri - with some chance it can fall:

- <Pouch of Composite Mag. stones> (per roll)

3) Abode of the Lady Balaur

The parameters of the mass strike of the RB "Claw of the Balaur Lord" - significantly lowered. As a test for one week "very significant", will be calibrated later.

4) Fixed output rates

5) "Rechaga for duels" - installation (preliminary - next week)

Sincerely, Aion Remastered Server Administration