Update from 02-03-2023

Update from 02-03-2023

March 02, 2023
Update from 02-03-2023

Dear players!

In the interval from 00:00 to 02:00 Moscow time, technical work took place on the server.
The following changes have taken place:

1) Holiday Rates x2 are disabled

2) Buff from <Manager's Benefits> - now valid for 4 hours

3) <[SHOP] Premium Chest (15 days)> and <[SHOP] Premium Chest (30 days)> - changed, added/replaced
3a) <Black chicken 15 days> / <Black chicken 30 days>
3b) <[Title] Great Daeva (15 days)> / <[Title] Great Daeva (30 days)>

4) Added <[Title] Friend of Atreia (15 days)> / <[Title] Friend of Atreia (30 days)>

5) Title Stats:
<[Title] Atreya's Friend (15 days)>
HP - 100, Attack/Magic/Movement Speed - 4%

<[Title] Great Daeva (15 days)>
HP - 150, Attack/Magic/Movement Speed - 4%

6) Added New Game Activity - <Combat Experience Extractor> and <Coin of Experience>

Grocers in (Elysium/Pandemonium) - sell <Combat EXP Extractor> - available at level 60. Having bought and used - 10% of the experience is deducted from the character - in return the character receives a <Coin of experience> - which can be spent from merchants (they stand against grocers) (Acasius - Elyos, Neta - Asmodians).

Filling merchants:
<[Title] Atreya's Friend (15 days)>
<[Title] Atreya's Friend (30 days)>
<[Event] Pouch of Magic Stones> (randomly drops one stone from lvl 90 to 110)

7) Mini-event for online is included (until 03/08/2023). For each hour spent in the game - a character of level 55-60 receives a <Coin of experience>.

8) IMPORTANT POINT: Activity with <Combat EXP Extractor> and <XP Coin> is in TEST mode. The filling of merchants and all prices are TEST, for collecting analytical information. We will also be happy to listen to wishes about filling the merchants (please contact the GMs in private in the discord).

9) First Prevention of the Month - All fortresses dropped on Balaur

10) We continue to prepare files for Aion 3.5

The exact date of the Aion 3.5 update will be determined a little later, at the stage of completion of preparatory work and a series of tests.

11) The houses are put up for auction.

12) Updated game client:

You can update the game client using the updater (AionRemasteredUpdater32.exe or AionRemasteredUpdater64.exe)

If for some reason the updater does not work for you, then you can (optionally):
1. Check that the folder with the game is in the exceptions of the antivirus (windows defender), then restart the PC (if it was included in the exceptions) and try to run the updater from the Administrator
2. Download the game client (links have been updated on the site) (if you haven’t figured out how to launch the updater)
3. Or install the patch manually: https://files.aion-remastered.com/AionRemasteredE...

(in this case, download the archive and unpack it to the root of the game client with file replacement) (alternative method)

We remind you that the recommended way to launch the game through the launcher is AionRemastered32.cmd (for 32-bit version) or AionRemastered64.cmd (for 64-bit version)
But if it is more convenient for you to run through the updater, then you can run it through the updater (AionRemasteredUpdater32.exe or AionRemasteredUpdater64.exe)

If you have any difficulties with entering the game, or with launching the game, then write in Discord to the login AionRemastered#4654

Sincerely, Aion Remastered Server Administration