Update from 04/11/2024

Update from 04/11/2024

April 11, 2024
Update from 04/11/2024

Dear players!

Between 04:30 and 12:30 Moscow time, technical work occurred on the server.
The following changes have occurred:

1) Included x2 rates for Experience, Drop, Craft, Abyss Points (from 04/11/2024 to 04/26/2024)

2) Event "Stones" launched

A new item has appeared in the Gifts section of the Game Store, available to players for purchase for 0 rubles only for a character of at least level 30 and only 1 time (per account).
This gift will be available for receipt from 04/11/2024 12:00 Moscow time to 04/19/2024 16:00 Moscow time (until the server for merging worlds is turned off).

ID: 188051445 <[Event] Box of Magic or Magic Stones III>
You can find magic or magical stones inside.
To obtain an item with a certain probability, double-click on the item with the left mouse button (or once with the right mouse button).

3) Preparatory work has been carried out for the merger of the OLD and NEW worlds, which will take place on 04/19/2024 from 16:00 to 18:00 Moscow time

Best regards, Server Administration