Update from 06-07-2023

Update from 06-07-2023

July 06, 2023
Update from 06-07-2023

Dear players!

In the interval from 03:30 to 04:30 Moscow time, technical work took place on the server.
The following changes have taken place:

1) Rates are off for now

2) Extended:

- Coins of experience for online
- Event "Circle with Chests"
- Event "Bright Summer Chest"

3) In the capitals of the races - the entrance to the PPX is installed

4) Houses will be put up for auction

5) Fortress sieges have been moved to 21:00 - the new schedule can be viewed in the "Schedule" channel

6) In reward boxes for sieges - there is a chance to get a Magic stone from 90 to 115

7) Unfortunately, we did not have time to rearrange Derik/Tunnel at 19:00, we will presumably fix it in the next maintenance

P.S: You can express your suggestions to GMs in private. Thanks for the feedback.

Sincerely, Server Administration