Server is open!

Server is open!

November 12, 2022
Server is open!

Dear players!

🥂 Hooray! Today at 11/12/2022 at 18:00 Moscow time, our server was opened!

Thank you for paying attention to our project and joining us on this day!

🎉 Congratulations on the successful start of the server! 🎉

During the OBT, we did a lot of work, but since it was done in a short time, we did not implement everything that we had planned. We plan to continue to clean the assembly and put it in order.
Work on improving the project and bringing everything into the most comfortable conditions for you will continue in a constant mode.

In the plans:
- Permanent events and entertainment for the players of our server,
- Correction of bugs that were not identified during CBT and OBT,
- Adding various externals, if possible, and increasing the range of the shop
- Conducting tournaments
- Interaction with players to improve conditions on the server and future development
- Offline activities

Enjoy your favorite game on your favorite version, find new friends and like-minded people, and we will try to make it comfortable, interesting and, of course, full of nostalgia!

Sincerely, Administration of the Remastered server