Update from 19-04-2023

Update from 19-04-2023

April 19, 2023
Update from 19-04-2023

Dear players!

In the interval from 12:00 to 13:00 Moscow time, technical work took place on the server.
The following changes have taken place:

1) The event in the Dredikons has ended

2) The event in Dungeons continues

3) Extended rewards for Online

4) Increased the chance of getting Composite Stones from Siege Boxes

5) Launched (in a test variation) a mini-RB at the sources (may not work correctly - on verification)

At all sources during the siege, a Mini-Lord appears, in which there is (1kk AP and 500 gp) - as well as one 110 magic stone.

6) Rates x2 on Drop are included

7) Houses will be put up for auction within 24 hours

8) In the Game Store, new items have been added to the "Appearance (of Forgotten Chaos)" category:

- <Forgotten Chaos Breastplate (Appearance)>
- <Forgotten Chaos Gauntlets (Appearance)>
- <Forgotten Chaos Plate Shields (Appearance)>
- <Forgotten Chaos Plate Legguards (Appearance)>
- <Forgotten Chaos Plate Boots (Appearance)>
- <Forgotten Chaos Doublet (Appearance)>
- <Forgotten Chaos Leather Gloves (Appearance)>
- <Forgotten Chaos Leather Spaulders Skin>
- <Forgotten Chaos Leather Legguards (Appearance)>
- <Forgotten Boots of Chaos (Appearance)>
- <Forgotten Chaos Tunic (Appearance)>
- <Forgotten Chaos Gloves (Appearance)>
- <Forgotten Chaos Shoulders (Appearance)>
- <Forgotten Chaos Woven Legguards (Appearance)>
- <Forgotten Boots of Chaos (Appearance)>

Sincerely, Aion Remastered Server Administration