New updater

November 11, 2022
New updater

Dear players!

We inform you that the game client updater has been updated.
Subsequent updates to the client will be made by running a new updater.

If you downloaded the client at the very beginning of the OBT, then you need to update the updater once.
Link to the new updater (for the RU version of the client):
Link to the new updater (for the EN version of the client):

Installation instructions: download the archive and unpack to the root of the client with the replacement of files. Then run the updater AionRemasteredUpdater64.exe (64-bit version of the client) or AionRemasteredUpdater32.exe (32-bit version of the client)

Useful links:

Download game client:
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Come to the Aion Remastered server and stay with us!

Sincerely, Aion Remastered 3.0 Project Administration