OBT information

OBT information

November 01, 2022
OBT information

Dear players!

The Aion Remastered server team is with you!

First of all, we want to thank you for choosing our server, we will try to make your game as comfortable as possible.

Next, we want to tell a little in general about the course of the MBT.

The first days of MBT are aimed primarily at debugging the technical component and everything connected with it.

The main thing I would like to note is that the server assembly is based on the retail platform 4.6 - which should not be forgotten in the first place - that is, at the moment, many game mechanics work exactly as the Koreans laid down when creating their game (relative to version 4.6).

The course of OBT (calculated for two weeks) is approximately the following:

1) Help with starting the game

Within a few days we will publish a forum with a section on common game launch errors.
If you are unable to launch the game, then the best option would be to PM Discord here: AionRemastered#4654
This helps us understand what difficulties players may have with launching the game and collect all possible options for instructions.

2) Server setup

Adjust configs to make it more comfortable for you to test some of your needs in the game. Installation of an NPC with various consumables, equipment, points and other things.

3) Forum and guides

In parallel, setting up the forum (this is important) - since we will have a constructive dialogue with you regarding certain settings and instructions for the players.

4) Feedback

It is the dialogue with you that is an integral part of our work, because we want to make the server, first of all, for your comfortable game.

That is why some certain things have not yet been removed, but will be removed or left in the process of dialogue.

Let's just give an example:

In 3.0, skills were bought from NPCs. In 4+, skills were accrued automatically as the character was upgraded, and they were removed from the NPC.
At the moment on our server - the skills are returned to the NPC for purchase - BUT also the Auto-Acquisition of skills is NOT turned off yet.
Because: Buying skills in the NPC is, of course, authentic, but auto-receipt of them is simply more convenient and pleasant.
And since we have both options - and one of them (or both) - is not critical for server operation - then the choice (or opinion from you) - how you want to see it - we can put it up for general discussion .

5) Further work

Well, then, in the next two weeks, we (the team) will have a lot of work and communication with you - in order to maximize your comfort after the start of the server.

Thank you for being with us.

Best Regards, Aion Remastered Team