Holiday update: March 8th!

Holiday update: March 8th!

March 08, 2024
Holiday update: March 8th!

Dear players!

Between 03:00 and 04:00 Moscow time, technical work occurred on the server.
The following changes have occurred:

1) Holiday rates x2 included for Drop, Experience and AP (until the next technical work on 03/15/2023)

2) In the Game Store in the Gifts section the following items are available for free:

<[Event] Bag of Delicious Souvenirs> - 1 pc.
<Outfit with a floral pattern> - 2 pcs.

Please note that these items can only be picked up once per account and until the next technical work on 03/15/2024

[Event] Bag of Delicious Souvenirs includes:

<[Event] Nomad Morkadik's harmful snack (strawberry)> - 1 pc.
<[Event] Nomad Morkadik's harmful snack (grapes)> - 1 pc.
<Elemental stone of rebirth> - 1 pc.
<Scroll of Courage> - 1 pc.
<Scroll of acceleration> - 1 pc.

P.S: Congratulations to the female half of our server on March 8th!

Happy March 8th, spring day,
Let your dreams come true
To be in the mood
And smiles and flowers!

To have a reason to laugh,
Dress up, be a star,
Swim in compliments,
Just live and be yourself!

Sincerely, Aion Remastered server administration